::Joyce Muniz – Crystalline::

Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Crystalline
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 05.02.2021

Joyce Muniz is back with the perfect follow-up to the taut electro of her Glass Mistress release on PETS, this time back on her regular home of Exploited.
She has once again excelled in creating a dynamic, charismatic slice of dance gold with just a sprinkling of pop sensibility.
Crystalline has a slightly more intense feel than its predecessor, with a snarling bass arpeggio swelling in teasing fashion over the crisp drums. A minimalist, clipped synth arpeggio provides a complimentary layer, with a woozy male vocal providing the rest of the required texture. A sassy, rapped, hip-house refrain is contrasted with airy looped harmonies which haunt the track in sensual fashion. Tense pads provide more drama and complete the retro-future feel.
Alt-disco legends In Flagranti provide a subtle rework, keeping the melodies intact but remoulding them with somewhat gentler textures and a more chugging tempo. More sensual and more laconically hypnotic with its tumbling conga rhyhtms and warm analog synths, its a very necessary addition to the package.

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