::James Curd – Think You Know::

Artist: James Curd
Title: Think You Know
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 29.10.2012

Early likes by Soul Clap, Tensnake, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, Adamski, Skream, Axel Boman, DJ T, Jesse Rose, Huxley, Martin Dawson, Adana Twins, Dave Aju, Trickski, Treasure Fingers, Pete Herbert, Brandt Brauer Frick, Friendly Fires, Black Van, The Glimmers, Light Year, Kasper Bjoerke, Round Table Knights, Noir, Adriatique, Kiki, Thomas von Party, Etienne Tron, Death On The Balcony, Rory Phillips, Prince Language, Zombie Disco Squad…

Pretty excited to have James Curd on Exploited.
James Curd began his DJing career in Chicago when he was only fifteen years old. Being underage, Curd was snuck into events to play at raves and clubs he was not legally allowed in. He played along side some of electronic’s most respected acts and DJs.
As ‘Greenskeepers’ Curd released an array of music on Derric Carter’s Classic Records. He made his mark on the dance music world by infusing swing music and Chicago house to invent the term G-Swing, being short for Greenskeepers Swing. Around this time he also started a record label by the name ‘Greenskeepers Music’.
Curd released four full-length albums under Greenskeepers.
Under his solo name James Curd released on DFA, Permanent Vacation, Eskimo and Bang Gang to name a few. He has remixed Hercules & Love Affair, Juan Maclean, Groove Armada, Poolside, Flight Facilities and DJ CAM.
For his debut on Exploited, James hooked up with synth wizard/producer Luke Godson from Adelaide, Australia. Godson is one half of disco futurists “The Swiss” and also the man behind the cheeky tunes of “Luke Million”. Together they are Luke & Jimmy.
On ‘Think You Know’ James features Annabel Weston from Australian band ‘Archie’.
We hope you enjoy the tracks as much as we do. A little bit more indie this time…

Selected Feedback:

Soul Clap: Wooo, now THATS a sound. Yellow Magic for me, C!

Tensnake: Great EP!

Axel Boman: Awesome Awesome Awesome! Fun, original and some kind of don’t give a fuck party attitude.. how can you resist that??? I’LL BUY THE VINYL!

Steve Aoki: Support!

Adamski: I like this a lot.

Skream: WOW…..Each here track is amazing!

Martin Dawson: Makes me feel nostalgic. Reminds me of the house music I played around 10 years ago.Yellow Magic will definitely get some rotation 🙂

Dave Aju: Solid EP…nice chorus on Think You Know and cool rhodes/italo action on Yellow Magic, but Don’t Know How is the jam. Classic chops to warm up the morning.

Huxley: Wow. This is pretty dope you know! In fact I love it. Think You Know is a great pop record!!

Jesse Rose: I like ‘don’t know how’, obviously you do…

The Glimmers: Nice One.

Adana Twins: LIKE IT SO MUCH 🙂

Pezzner: Excellent release… and further validation that James is one of the best house producers in the world.

DJ Le Roi: Hotnessss!!!! thx.

Treasure Fingers: Fucking love this. Perfection.

Light Year: Love Yellow Magic!!!

Kasper Bjoerke: Party time! Like this release alot! Cheers.

Pete Herbert: Superb!! Loving Yellow Magic…

Jerry Bouthier: Like it, supporting, thx.

Trickski: What a good times record. Positive vibes all over. Summer again!

Friendly Fires: Nice stuff!

Thomas von Party: Yellow Magic is really nice. Definite Daft Punk disco tones here 🙂

Brandt Brauer Frick: Dope!

Round Table Knights: Wow Amazing EP!!! Yellow Magic is BIG!!!

Jaymo: LOVE IT!

Spex Magazine Germany: A good pop record, indeed.

Black Van: ….loving Curd. All tracks awesome. thanks…

Death On The Balcony: Yellow Magic is the one for us!

Homework: Great EP. Very fresh terriotory for Exploited. Yellow Magic (nice reference to The Orchestra) will get plays from us. Lovely.

Kiki: Really fun ep! “Think You Know” is great feel good pop and “Yellow Magic” should go down well, when the sun comes through the curtains on certain berlin clubs!

Noir: Yellow Magic is the one for me.

Mathieu Schreyer (kcrw los angeles): Love love yellow magic!!!

Adriatique: Good feelin music!

Rory Phillips: Really enjoyed Yellow Magic!

Zombie Disco Squad: Very Chicago.

Urulu: “Don’t Know How” is my jam, but really loving all three of these.

Prince Language: James killing it as usual!

Timo Garcia: Fantastic EP…Think you Know will get the most plays from me.

Daniel Solar: Yellow Magic sounds like a winner!

Drums of Death: Love “Don’t Know How”, big business!

Worthy: I like the grooves on Yellow Magic, keeps me going with those synths.

Li’ll Bo Tweak / Loungin’ Recordings: Very, very cool!

Noob: Yellow Magic is so good !

Purple Velvet: Exploited bringing tha funk! Seriously tough to choose a favourite here. Don’t Know How and Yellow Magic have me hooked! Excellent release!

Alexander Maier: Ohhhhhhhh, i have to put my dancing shoes on to stand that yellow magic. Great. Full support!

Florian Kruse: Classy!