::James Curd & Sidwho? – Everybody Come On::

Artist: James Curd & Sidwho?
Title: Everybody Come On
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 15.07.2022

James Curd is no stranger to Exploited, having penned a long line of retro-leaning grooves, where he plays most of the musical parts himself. On this occasion, he drafts in Sid Who? to deliver some infectious vocals, who is a member of the acclaimed outfit The Swiss. Sid Who? has written music for the likes of Usher, Holy Ghost and Kimbra, and as part of The Swiss, has remixed Breakbot for Ed Banger Records. Their friendship reaches new levels of beauty on this collab.

Sid Who?’s sassy voice tees the track up, before a rolling bass groove and head-nodding beat explode into life. Funked-up synth squeals play out a simple but addictive melody, while clipped electric piano chords fill in the gaps in the driving groove. Wild vocal cuts build a hook of their own as an analog synth arpeggio envelops the track in spine-tingling style. But what’s this? A pitch-bending, squealing synth solo that sounds like it should be played by a natty keytar player? Yes please, we’ll take that. This glorious ‘80s interlude leads us towards the dramatic vocal harmonies of the breakdown, and thereafter it’s back to business as usual. Supremely groovy with a magical edge, ‘Everybody Come On’ is built to seduce your hips and feet.

Dutch disco dudes Fouk are up on remix duties…….

James in his own words:
“Things start out fairly cheerfully, actually. At one point a messenger arrives with a pie, asks if he has the correct person, and when he finds he does, throws the pie into their face. So now we know where that fad came from. Later, though, the smiles grow more forced. James & Sidwho try to maintain an adequate British reserve, but it’s a little hard when you find you are likely to turn into a bed-sitting room. Escalators from the underground are likely to dump you in mid-air, a square meal is hard to come by, and so on.”

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