::James Curd – Show Me What You Got::

Artist: James Curd
Title: Show Me What You Got
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 18.03.2019

Chicago-born, Australia-based funkateer James Curd can always be counted on for some wonderfully quirky dancefloor grooves. No stranger to Exploited after bombs like ‘Disco Fool’ and ‘Get Low’, he’s back with another killer EP full of tasty hip-house treats.

‘Show Me What You Got’ sees rapper KE spit a rhythmic flow over a shuffling groove, with plump electro bass punctuating the percussive rhythms. A plump acid line adds more old skool flavour as KE’s impassioned soulful chorus brings a James Brown-esque vibe. Mixing the best of ‘80s house with electro house textures, it makes for a seriously fun ride. Addison Groove provides a succinct, stomping version that focuses on the acid line and adds more bleepy magic in the breakdown, with chunky drums leading the way.

Laced with more infectious rap vocals, ‘I Got A Problem’’s loose groove centers around thick, undulating bass and sprightly synths that bounce deftly on the swung percussion. The earworm of a vocal has plenty of humour to it, while zipping electro synths add more colour to the mix. New skool house hero Bas Roos strips things back to basics on his remix, drafting in warm Rhodes chords alongside a phat bassline, shimmering synths in the break and just a hint of the vocals to keep things spicy.

‘Oh No!’ is another useful cut original from Curd, taking things back to dancefloor basics with twisted vocals, snarling synth arpeggios and a simple two-note bass line that pumps away over ticking percussion.