::Jacob B & Richie Corrigan – Back To Paradise::

Artist: Jacob B & Richie Corrigan
Title: Back To Paradise
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP122
Release date: 14.10.2022

‘Techno three ways’ is the order of the day from Irish newcomer Richie Corrigan and his accomplice Jacob B, twisting the genre in a trio of directions like a Michelin starred menu might reinterpret a humble ingredient. As a DJ, Corrigan has supported Dave Clarke, running his Purgatory events alongside the label of the same name and releasing elsewhere on Concrete Berlin, Underground Records and Complexed Records.

‘Paradise’ thumps along at a clip, classic stabs manically cutting against off-beat bass whomps and tuned percussion melodies, hi-hats stuttering all the while. Snatches of East Asian melody waft in and out of focus and the melodic progression of the bassline adds a gently euphoric edge to this propulsive track.

‘Get Up’ heads into tribal techno territory, all juddering low end and menacingly toned percussive hits. Pulsing FX and evolving rhythmic structures keep the intrigue levels high as this juggernaut of a track presses on, full steam ahead.

‘Lagoon’ rounds off this well-balanced EP with a more housey take on techno, where filtered disco loops circulate under percolating percussive rhythms. Snatches of bright strings and powerful vocal refrains punctuate while the funk-fuelled bass slams hard. A piano twinkles somewhere in the distance as the layers of the track ebb and flow into each other in mesmerising fashion.

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