::Hurlee – Feel So High::

Artist: Hurlee
Title: Feel So High
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP73
Release date: 03.04.2020

Mallorca’s Hurlee has been a prolific force in the deeper end of house music in recent times, with vibrant releases for SUOL, Tilly Jam and Future Disco among others. His new release for Exploited Ghetto continues his love of warm, feel-good house music with some funk in its trunk. ‘Feel So High’ is drenched in sunny optimism thanks to its sweet boogie sample. Airy vocals glide over jaunty piano keys and jazzy synth motifs, all the while the slap bass funkin’ hard around tight beats. Conga slaps and sweet guitar licks add the final accents. Filtered breakdowns tease those wailing vocal refrains as crisp cymbals splash and taut snare rolls punctuate. ‘Looking To My Eyes’ has a similarly positive vibe to it, this time centering on female vocals and disco strains. A warbling diva’s impassioned vocal is looped alongside low-slung bass undulation, a tension created by never allowing her lyrics to fully unfold. Interspersed with another section where cute flute melodies underpin her beautifully harmonised pleas of ‘give it to me baby’, it makes for gorgeous stuff.