::gizA djs – Jelly::

Artist: gizA djs
Title: Jelly
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP108
Release date: 29.10.2021

Italian duo gizA djs arrive on Exploited with two absolute barnstormers in their hands.

‘Jelly’ begins life in a beautifully Balearic fashion, with resplendent strings gliding over a languid beat, and haunting, melancholic melodies bringing the emotion. A stark bassline arrives, signalling a taste of what’s to come, and finally a 4/4 beat slams in to provide the energy, while gentle pads pulse dreamily. The track builds and builds to a powerful crescendo where the bassline morphs into an off-beat pulse, creating a classic ‘80s hi-NRG feel, and a soaring lead melody provides some camped-up euphoria. Feel-good music at its finest.

“I remember when Tiziano sent me the first part of the project with the harmonic part” says Gian. “I was dazzled by that strange synth reminiscent of a synthetic vocalization. From there I built the bassline and the track magically took shape in a short time. The track is a hymn to a carefree life…“

‘Euforia’ kicks along at a higher pace, with a bubbling bassline leading the charge from the first second. Just as colourful and charismatic in its melodies, riffs and choices of synth sounds, it packs a lot of energy into its four-minute lifespan. With a little nod to ‘80s video game music, its bold lines and vibrant feel make for another fist-pumping ride.

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