::FreakMe – Precious::

Artist: FreakMe
Title: Precious
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP97
Release date: 02.07.2021

With previous releases on powerhouse labels like Diynamic and Get Physical Music, Italy’s FreakMe arrives with major pedigree with his first release for Exploited Ghetto. Combining ‘80s pop sensibilities with modern dancefloor power, ‘Precious’ is a serious earworm of a track.
A mysterious, hypnotic synth arpeggio harks back to classic trance as the track begins, with big gated snares taking us back to the 1980s. More cute retro synth licks build the aural tapestry as hi-hats flutter and pads swirl. The first snatches of the laconic vocal hook from Bristol’s Steelyvibe are teased in before the undulating bassline and its tense melodic progression unfolds.
The kick drops out momentarily, and a suddenly a bold Moog-style lead line cuts into the mix with the bassline following its melody. This dramatic moment is soon supplanted by the main groove, with the infectious vocal hook now burrowed deep into your brain. The spooky arp returns for the main break, and then it’s back to that rasping countermelody. A cool, breezy feel surrounds the track throughout, with its dancefloor intentions never overwhelming its lightness of touch.
All in all, it’s a glorious piece of work that marks another step forward for FreakMe’s sound. And there’s an instrumental version for those that like their grooves a little more direct.

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