::Freakme – Loaded Gun::

Artist: Freakme
Title: Loaded Gun
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP103
Release date: 17.09.2021

Italian stallion FreakMe is back on Exploited Ghetto following previous gem Precious, and continues in a similar Italo-influenced vibe with the mighty Loaded Gun which comes in two delicious versions.
First up, the 2AmMix springs into life with its bouncing, double-time, on-beat bassline leading the charge amidst a rich collection of gentle synth sounds. The cool, mysterious pop vocal perfectly matches the 80s feel of the beats and melodies, with big gated snares reinforcing the theme. The arrangement pares back, and a tense breakdown follows where the vocal really shines, the bassline dropping out momentarily and slamming back in with renewed urgency as the vocal phrase delays echo away in ghostly fashion. Its electro pop reimagined for the house/tech dancefloor, and its a seriously classy concoction.

The 6AmMix? Think afterparty chillout time, taking a breather as the sun comes up over a golden beach and glittering sea. The tempo is cut in half to a languid stumble, a relaxed heartbeat of a kick drum underpinning the dazzling synths and beautiful vocal. The bassline is replaced with a slower, more sustained pulse, allowing for a much more spacious feel. The Balearic feel is completed with soaring synth-strings and sorrowful chords, making for a beautifully epic, angelic slice of downtempo music that is the perfect compliment to the original.

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