::Enduro Disco – Luv Me More::

Artist: Enduro Disco
Title: Luv Me More
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 20.03.2020

Enduro Disco’s vibrant, colourful sounds have made him become a favourite on Exploited time and time again. He’s back with a new EP of intoxicating sounds, all immaculately produced as usual and bursting with ideas.

Built around a gently tribal beat, ‘Luv Me More’ balances tumbling percussive elements with a sexy bass throb and a bouncing, delicate synth line to beautiful effect. Unintelligible child-like vocal chants add an epic touch along with cinematic, pulsing strings while the warm bassline plods out a sweet melody. Light, off-beat synth chords and sporadic horn blasts lay on more flavour still. It’s euphoric without being cloying. The ‘Strip Dub’ version does away with a little of the fanfare and focuses on the exquisite groove for those who like things a little more focused.

‘Brazil’ continues the theme with clipped horn blasts and more of those child-like vocals gated and echoed in heavenly fashion. The low end warmth mirrors the horn rhythm under the gently tropical percussion. A sweet arpeggio dances over hazy pads, the whole affair coming together in sublime fashion as kooky drum fills punctuate. It’s an absolutely gorgeous track, made for beachy, balmy occasions.