::Enduro Disco – Julio::

Artist: Enduro Disco
Title: Julio
Format: Digital
Cat: 15799
Release date: 27.05.2022

Enduro Disco continues his mesmerising run of form on Exploited with another spellbinding three-track release.

‘Julio’ is unmistakably his handiwork: a classy, spacious slice of modern, dubbed-out disco. Warm, Balearic bass underpins a haze of chopped-up, resplendent disco string samples and tripped-out, unintelligible vocals at the core of the track. Flurries of saccharine, mellifluous synths soar and glide from various pockets of the track, and deft conga rhythms fill in the gaps. More dramatic synth touches and triangle 16ths keep the track captivating to the very last moment.

‘One Jam’ is similarly dreamy, where plucked 8-bit-esque melody twinkles over chugging bass and breathy male vocal harmonies. A triumphant feel envelops this track, with shimmering disco hi-hats bringing the rhythm urgency and subtle strings filtering away in the bedrock of the composition. Blissed-out, spine-tingling gear.

‘Standing Up’ completes this delightful 3-pack in wonderfully colourful fashion. The bass is more funk-fuelled, blasts of sprightful trumpet jump out of the mix, and sweet snatches of piano give passing glances through a filtered haze. Samples are twisted into unrecognisable snatches of melody, and infectious percussive hits pepper the groove msot pleasingly. Masterful.

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