::Enduro Disco – Denkst Du Noch?::

Artist: Enduro Disco
Title: Denkst Du Noch?
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 05.08.2019

Early feedback in from Black Coffee, Agoria, AME, Till Von Sein…

Mysterious mainstay Enduro Disco returns to Exploited digging further into his retro-inspired sound with another two wonderfully musical dancefloor outings.

“Denkst Du Noch“ wastes little time in filling your ears with sweet melodic vines. A plump 80s house bassline anchors the rolling bears as slivers of pretty melody wash across the soundscape. Tumbling percussion unfolds as dreamy vocal samples build a picture of epic dancefloors in your mind, and cinematic strings and pads widen the horizon. A simple bleep riff runs throughout as a melodic counterweight, and blissed out reverbs and delays increase the spine-tingling feel. Careful, considered arrangement keeps things continually evolving and maintains the organic feel that characterises this plump groove. Trademark Enduro Disco string arrangements are buried deep in the mix in the later stages of the track to add yet more character.

“Just“ gets down to business with equal urgency, building through swinging percussion and rhythmic sample cuts that lead to a juicy one-note bass pulse. Things build slowly and surely from there, as a rasping synth reveals a slow melodic progression that enhances the unhurried feel. Subtle melodic textures weave in as the bold chord motifs filter down. It’s a spacey track whose gradually evolving melodies and percussive fills suck you in and hypnotise you.