::Enduro Disco – Deep In My Heart::

Artist: Enduro Disco
Title: Deep In My Heart
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 26.03.2021

Enduro Disco sprinkles more magic onto Exploited, after his last release for the label, ‘CIAO’, smashed its way into the Top 5 Indie Dance Chart on Beatport via its Biesmans Remix Version.
Enduro Disco keeps the heat flowing on Exploited with his latest cut ‘Deep In My Heart’, with a top remix from the prolific Holger Ziske (Playhouse) to boot.
‘Deep In My Heart’ exemplifies his spacious, atmospheric and groovy sound with a deceptively simplicity of ideas that makes more than the sum of its parts. Pleasingly thick claps punctuate a shaker-driven beat as slivers of colourful synth create a flowing conversation of sound. Swirling pads and blurry vocals build a dreamy feel as the plodding bassline ascends and descends the scale with a funky intent. The track is in no hurry to go anywhere, instead cruising along at its own deep, rolling pace. A stripped-back mid-section gives more room to breathe, and little else is needed to make this breezy jam an addictive treat.
Holger Zilske is somewhat of a legend on the Berlin scene thanks to his numerous works and an album he released on the classic house label Playhouse in 2009. His slightly more urgent remix retains the deep vibe of the original but laces it with a dubby feel and more of a taut inflexion in its percussive groove. Doing away with the niceties, it has a real stomp to its groove and makes for a highly effective alternative route.
Make sure you also check out his upcoming release on Tensnake’s True Romance label.

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