::Enduro Disco – Building Up::

Artist: Enduro Disco
Title: Building Up
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 21.07.2023

Enduro Disco keeps delivering the goods for Exploited.
‘Building Up’ is built on a solid foundation of nu disco texture but with a chunkier house edge. Old skool piano rave stabs mix with thick lashings of undulating bass and swirling pad loops while urgent percussion drives the track forward. Heavily effected vocal samples add a trippy touch to this effortlessly slick slice of deepness. A dramatic, pitched-down German spoken vocal adds an unexpected twist, channeling the lineage of the likes of Kraftwerk in the process.
‘Bisou Electrique’ is a subtle throbber of a track that exudes all the colour and charm that has become typical to Enduro Disco productions. A spacious sound abounds, led by slinky delayed synth sounds that recall Metro Area at their finest, and dreamy chord and FX stabs whose warm reverbs put your mind into a dreamy place. Synth strings cascade dramatically as the myriad parts interact with each other in a propulsive, cohesive fashion to create a constant sense of evolving groove. Throw in a few snazzy boogie-era synth wobbles and you’ve got yourself a winner my son.

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