::Ed Ed – Sirens Of Walhalla::

Artist: Ed Ed
Title: Sirens Of Walhalla
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP77
Release date: 08.05.2020

Premiered by Deep House Amsterdam:

A regular at the illustrious Sisyphos in Berlin and with releases on Watergate, Get Physical and Acid Pauli’s Flying Lizard, ED ED crafts a potent techno sound that has many fans far and wide across the globe. He delivers two slow-building bombs here for Exploited Ghetto that will only serve to further his already excellent reputation.

A modulating, acidic bass arpeggio bores its way through a punchy kick on ‘Sirens Of Walhalla’, oscillating and undulating hypnotically. Shuffling hi-hats rub up against each other, creating a metallic friction. Flashes of dreamy synth melody flit in and out. A rapid succession of notes form a hazy, fizzing melody, awash with reverb as the track builds and moodier tones swell. An extra off-beat hi-hat picks up the pace and a tribal tom pattern adds weight. Harking back to the days of dark, early trance but with a much chuggier tempo, it’s a sublime piece of work.

‘Spiliar’ loops a descending scale motif around more chunky tom rhythms and light shakers, with this lead refrain plunging in and out of the darkness teasingly. Ethereal pads loom dramatically as the percussion builds with cymbal rides. A rousing climax yields commanding Moog bass and dizzying chimes bolstering the main refrain which now ascends into a higher plain. A tense track that will work the biggest of dancefloors.