::Ed Ed – Riding To Mercury::

Artist: Ed Ed
Title: Riding To Mercury
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP86
Release date: 18.09.2020

Are you ready to go on a cosmic trip? Ed Ed’s got the keys to the spaceship and he’s hot footing it into the outer realms of spacey electronica on his latest monster for Exploited Ghetto, ‘Riding To Mercury’ featuring Aaron from Miami Horror on vocals.

This spacious, slow-tempo chugger is a real journey that deserves to be heard in its full 7-minute interation. An ever-so-slightly wonky Moroder style arpeggio filters into the midst of the track as subtly echoed finger snaps and ticking hi-hats invite a plodding kick into play. Celestial pad and FX swirls delicately lap at the edges of the track, before the heady, druggy vocal swoons into action. A deep breakdown filters the vocal down and up again as heavenly synth pulses tingle. Just as it threatens to erupt, it calms back down to that lazy chug. Dramatic, heavily reverbered ‘80s snare hits provide a more intense moment before we head into another hazy breakdown.

This truly delectable composition from Ed Ed follows on from last years ‘Sirens Of Walhalla’ for Exploited Ghetto, which set out his slow-burning agenda over two glorious tracks. ‘Riding To Mercury’ is another perfectly sequenced and layered track which shows he’s quite the master when it comes to tripped-out, sophisticated dance music.

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