::Dj Sneak & Murk – To The Bassline Feat. Dreadlion & Leslie Cartaya::

Artist: Dj Sneak & Murk
Title: To The Bassline Feat. Dreadlion & Leslie Cartaya
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 14.04.14

Early Support by Busy P, ÂME, Hot Chip, Kasper Bjørke, Tensnake, Jacques Renault, Agoria, AndHim and many more…

Love or hate his infamous ‘Twitter beefs’ there is no denying the legendary status of this house music vanguard. With 20+ years of DJing and producing under his belt, this is DJ Sneak’s first release on Exploited: A collaboration with Murk (Oscar G and Ralph Falcon).

Back in 2003 Murk released ‘Dark Beat’ – a track that topped the Billboard Dance charts and became the underground smash of the year.

So how did this all happen..

A few months ago we asked Sneak for a remix by mail but we didn’t get a reply. After 4 months he suddenly popped up in our mailbox, apologized and said that he finally had some studio time. In the end he sent through some tracks to see if we like them. The rest is history as youre probably listening to one of the tracks right now.

This quirky and funky house track (a 10 minute journey) is only the tip of the ice berg though. Expect 2 Releases from Sneak on Exploited.

Cracking Vinyl Artwork by Berlin Street Artist Nomad.


Selected Feedbacks:

Hot Chip – Sneak and Murk! Can I get wavs please?

Busy P – 2 gods, 1 track, congrats. I’ll play it at the Bromance party in Miami.

Agoria – Thank you.

AME – Thanks.

dOP – Great happy groove!

Tensnake – Two of my all time house heroes get together.

Amine Edge – Nice one.

Arthur Baker – Great pairing, diggin the bass.

AndHim – Whoohoo.

Adana Twins – Groovt der Shizzle!!!!!!!!!!

Jacques Renault – Pretty cool, into it!

Till Von Sein – Dope jam!

Kasper Bjorke – AWESOME COLLAB!!! Thanks!

Sante – Killer!!!! Tune.

Fashmob – Will try thanks.

Okain – Great stuff. Love Sneak. love Murk. Love the release.

Betoko – Sweet.

Jaymo & Andy George – Dope. Sounds pretty cool!

Smash TV – Yeah!

Rampa – Like like! Thaaanks.

Animal Trainer – Whatta funky thing…boom bang!

Mirror People – Great stuff. Bass!

Ralf Kollmann – Great tune! Thanks a lot.

Trickski – Oh yes! What a joint!