::DJ Qness – Moyà Wakho feat. Museeq IQ::

Artist: DJ Qness
Title: Moyà Wakho feat. Museeq IQ
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP78
Release date: 15.05.2020

A major player on South Africa’s afro house scene, DJ Qness has released three albums, remixed the likes of M.I.A. and helped to bring through a new generation of talented vocalists among his collaborators. Releasing previously on labels like MoBlack Records and Nite Grooves, he now makes his second mark on Exploited Ghetto with a sublimely sensual track.

A collaboration with songwriter and producer, Museeq IQ, ‘Moyà Wakho’ is a deeply contemplative number. Metallic African drums create a ceaseless rhythm as sorrowful pads loom in the distance. A beautiful, succinct piano motif dreamily floats into play before the thudding kick gently beats its way under the track. The pianos are drawn onto centre stage, before soft bass notes permeate and more percussive elements bolster the groove.

Sorrowful synth arpeggios loop hypnotically, and around the four minute mark we’re greeted by the sombre refrain of harmonised female voices. Completing this mystical, hypnotic concoction, they add the cherry on top that the tense arrangement needs. A real mood-shifter for the dancefloor or just a beautiful listen on your own stereo or headphones, ‘Moyà Wakho’ is dance music for the head even more than for the feet.