::Diar Storm, Lost Boy 1984, Play Paul – Everything So::

Artist: Diar Storm, Lost Boy 1984, Play Paul
Title: Everything So
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 07.06.2024

Exploited continue to expand on a variegated catalogue with a collaboration between artists Diar Storm, Lost Boy 1984 and Play Paul (Crydamoure, Kitsune).

Based in Essen, Germany, Diar Storm is a singer / songwriter and producer whose sound carries a certain melancholy present within the more greyscale strains of 80s electronica. Here she teams up with regular collaborator Lost Boy 1984 who channels his experience in film score composition (he produced the soundtrack for the movie ’Glanz, Gesocks and Gloria’ by Gerrit Starczewski, which features himself in the movie alongside DJ Hell, Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk) and Lars Eidinger) and – armed with his trusty 808 – casts his futuristic gaze over the recording.

The track is given punch, guitars, synths and some adornment courtesy of Play Paul who, speaking on the track said ‘I immediately loved that sexy, groovy, depressive mood that made me think of Sheila E and Prince….definitely in my Top 3 as a producer after 25 years in the business’.

Together, the trio presents a modern form of Dark Wave Electro that is indeed, equal parts stroppy and sexy; a duality held dear by the European Wavers of the 80s.

‘Everything So’ emits cathartic steam as vibrant synths burst with bittersweet chords and jagged staccato tones. A sawtooth bites away under a snare-heavy drum kit while Storm’s imperfect vocals inject a certain humility into the recording.

Exploited · Diar Storm, Lost Boy 1984, Play Paul – Everything So (Exploited)