::Depaart – Bitergliter::

Artist: Depaart
Title: Bitergliter
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP120
Release date: 30.09.2022

Madrid’s Depaart return to Exploited following their excellent 2021 release Julian (with its hot Bawrut remix), and they’ve come up with the goods once again. With other releases on Diynamic, Sasha’ Last Night On Earth and increasingly their own self-titled label, they are definitely ones to watch.

Blending elements of electro, techno and Italo into one colourful pot, ‘Blitergliter’ is an understated anthem of a track that builds and builds to a spectacular zenith. Beginning unassumingly with a filtered chord stab pattern, a zesty bassline soon buzzes in atop a simple but punchy drum groove. The bass melody unfolds as splashy techno cymbal rides propel the track and a cutesy 8-bit synth line meanders in the background. Bitcrushed, sustained organ chords frazzle the first breakdown as an arpeggiated melody dances below, all the while the energy building.

Next comes a sweltering acid line, squelching and freaking incessantly as the track threatens to reach fever pitch. The rug is pulled from under us as the 303 emulation segues into a stripped-back section where the track catches its breath, leading into the main break where dainty chimes tease the main melody while the acid and organs interplay with rippling snare fills. The chimes and bassline unite joyously at the drop, capped off with a heavenly synth line, and finally another distorted acid line towards the end of the track to add another dramatic touch as the brooding bass tones swell.

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