::Depaart – And You::

Artist: Depaart
Title: And You
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP116
Release date: 02.06.2026

Madrid duo Depaart return to Exploited Club with a trio of slick, acidic cuts with a real air of sophistication about them.
‘And You’ juxtaposes phat bottom end with twinkling acid resonance, dreamy pads and a bold ‘80s synth motif that shimmers with crystalline edges. Dashes of counter melody ring out through lush poly synths as the arrangement ebbs and flows effortlessly. Trippy touches and a dreamlike edge to this brilliantly contrasting piece of work.
‘Buzzline’ rocks an ‘80s electro breakbeat, with a fittingly sparse arrangement that has its roots in Kraftwerkian bleepage. Sonorous bass reaches the parts other low ends can’t as a wiggling 303 melody bubbles up. An 8-bit hook is pushed into the distance with a tight reverb, providing a nice contrast to the drier percussion. The different elements all interweave in perfect lockstep, evolving harmoniously in unison to create a highly atmospheric workout.
Plump analog bass pulses underpin ‘Ufo Trip’, giving warehouse vibes as trippy ringshifting and delaying sends shards of frequencies shimmering around your head. Flecks of guitar cut against the electronic tones gently, and percussion and pads are sparingly used to build a subtle tension.

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