::Dan Buri – Azul::

Artist: Dan Buri
Title: Azul
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP63
Release date: 19.08.2019

Early feedback in by Whomadewho, Dixon, Jamie Jones, Frankey & Sandrino, M.A.N.D.Y., Sasha, Onnno, Tone Of Arc, Horse Meat Disco, Robert Owens, Iron Curtis, Lauhaus, Baikal…

Returning to Exploited Ghetto after the excellent ‘Matters’, Bangkok-based German producer and DJ, Dan Buri, delivers another two stunning excursions.

‘Azul’ is a graceful, delicate slice of deep melodic techno that builds and burns beautifully slowly. Mystical percussion and hazy sounds build a tribal feel over deep bass tones as shimmering synths gradually pull into focus. Tuned percussive melody is bolstered by trance-lite arpeggios and gated synths as ticking shaker patterns pick up the energy. Soothing pads add another layer of atmosphere, the elements combining in perfect harmony. It threatens to swell but maintains a restrained approach that keeps the journey deep and introspective.

‘Rossa’ dials up the intensity a little. More infectious live percussion rolls around the stereo field as tense snatches of melody and hypnotic flamenco-flavoured guitar motifs bring the drama. Solid monotone bass throbs under the sparse arrangement, building towards pulses of classic synth chords. More mystical vibes abound through the graceful pads that rise upwards into the ether, with the combination of synth sounds nodding towards an almost Detroit-flavoured approach.

Splitting his time between Thailand in the winter and Europe in the summer, Buri continues to spread his electronic gospel through his stunning DJ sets and his Neverest Records label which promotes producers from South-East Asia and beyond.