::Compuphonic – Metropolis::

Artist: Compuphonic
Title: Metropolis
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 27.02.17

Radio Premiered by Nemone at BBC Radio 6.

“These days the attune nature of Compuphonic’s tracks is unmissable, with ‘Metropolis’ effortlessly gliding between the melancholy of melodies, dreamy vocal harmonies, and the grinding energy of beats. If you are awaiting those ‘out with winter in with spring’ vibes, like we are, then ‘Metropolis’ is definitely an EP not to miss.”
Belgian talent Compuphonic has long since demonstrated a serious knack for melodic sophistication, and this new EP for Exploited elevates those lush sounds to some stunning new levels.

Metropolis is a breezy slice of electronica, detached from the dancefloor whilst still taking some inspiration from it. A dreamy female vocal glistens over fuzzy pads in the intro before muted electric piano chords and the kick join in tandem. Heavenly vocal harmonies glide in the background alongside subtle chime tones, with a filtered down synth arp adding yet another dash of sweetness. The various elements slide and mesh against each other effortlessly, with sprinkles of subtle FX lifting the track in just the right places.

Slow Bilbao is more in the chunky deep house vein, hazy tuned percussion samples drenched in pleasing swathes of noise distortion hit in time with thumping kicks and thick bass tones. A melody unfolds in the higher registers from the xylophone-esque resampled instrument, recalling Bonobo at his best as a shuffling percussive groove develops. The samples bring an exotic tone to the track, with the contrasts between the deeper and more pumping sections an intensely satisfying one.