::Click Click – Muzic Was My First Love::

Artist: Click Click
Title: Muzic Was My First Love
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP15
Release date: 22.08.2016

Early support by Mathias Kaden, DJ Sneak, Tanner Ross, Llorca, Jozif, Tensnake, Luca Bacchetti, ONNO, Tiger Stripes, Sonny Fodera, DJ Feadz, Bryan Kessler, Till Von Sein, Jey Kurmis, Worthy, Martin Eyerer…

Click Click is back on Exploited Ghetto.
Shir Khan has been a big fan of his minimalistic disco funk track ‘Teenage Killerfunkband’ which he released back in 2010. A track which did disco damage in the sets of Magda, Troy Pierce, MANIK, Afri Lounge and many other great DJs. Magda @ Timewarp 2010: https://youtu.be/fKup1rGGSEI
The name of the track was influenced by a review which Bleed wrote about Click Click in De:bug Magazine calling Click Click a Killerfunkband. Another influence were the band ’Fehlfarben’ with the no wave funk classic ‘Ein Jahr (Es geht voran)’ which gave him the idea for the rolling disco toms in the track. We both thought it would be great to give the single an update for 2016.
As a bonus we included a jacking groover: ’Muzic Was My First Love’.
All solid stuff for the dancefloor.

First Feedback:
Mathias Laden: Wieder ganz dick von Click Click!
DJ Sneak: Muzic Was My First Love.
Tanner Ross: Really into Muzic Was.
Llorca: Excellent EP !
Till Von Sein: Dope EP. Both tracks jams!
Bryan Kessler: Thank you.
Luca Bacchetti – Muzic Was My First Love!
ONNO – Cheeky!
Jozif: Yes yes yes! Love this groove! Simple straight up funk business.
Martin Eyerer: Love the Montana Sextett Groove!
Tiger Stripes: Classy!
Tensnake: Good tools.
Sonny Fodera: Thx for this!
DJ Feadz: Yeah! Nice.
Luna City Express: Cool EP! Will def play both tracks.
Worthy: Digging Muzic. Will work for me.
Laidback Luke: Deep coolness.
Mickey: Like!
Jey Kurmis: Teenage track is fucking wicked. Well catchy. Proper like that! Muzick track is cool too.