::Captain Mustache & POPOF – Bastille::

Artist: Captain Mustache & POPOF
Title: Bastille
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 21.10.2022

Parisian producer du jour Captain Mustache teams up with citymate and techno stalwart POPOF on ‘Bastille’ for one of the season’s most glittering ensembles.

Echoing analog drum machine woodblock hits help create a propulsive rhythm atop a sprinkling of glitching electro FX and churning low end pulses before a heady riser delivers us to the wiggling 8-bit vibe bass arpeggio that bores through the track’s meaty middle. More retro computer game sonics emerge in the riff that filters and teases into earshot. Layers of fizzing techno energy raise the track further before we reach the tense breakdown phase. The riff judders and shimmers around the soundscape before one almighty filter sweep slams us front and centre back into the buzzing electro groove. The bassline slowly recedes into the background as warped percussive rhythms lead us out.

Captain Mustache returns to Exploited following the success of his Ulysses collaboration ‘Monkey Brains’ and other releases on KOMPAKT, Permanent Vacation, Bordello A Parigi and Return To Disorder to name a few. Fellow Parisian POPOF makes his debut on Exploited on this release, bringing with him his years of experience working with the biggest names in techno, from releasing on Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings to remixing The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and Moby.

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