::Captain Mustache – Monkey Brains feat. Ulysses::

Artist: Captain Mustache
Title: Monkey Brains feat. Ulysses
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 08.04.2022

Captain Mustache is at the vanguard of Paris’ electro new school. Riding on a wave of incredible form, he counts to his name a collaboration with Daft Punk-affiliate Play Paul on KOMPAKT to his name, a collab with Chicks On Speed on Permanent Vacation, an EP for Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder label, an album on Bedrock and an outing on Les Yeux Orange with remixes from electro gods DMX Krew and Legowelt. Defining his sound as ‘romantic and burlesque’, he takes his cues from electroclash, ‘80s electro and synth pop and Detroit techno.

Classic drum sounds form the crux of ‘Monkey Brains’, a hypnotic tom rhythm throbbing away amidst punchy claps and crisp claps. A buzzing synth bores a tunnel through the centre of the groove as Ulysses’ twisted vocal stylings enter the fray and echoing stutters permeate the depths of the track. Subtle arpeggios add colour as bright lead blasts cut through the mix. Each element is carefully positioned and utilised efficiently, the track building slowly to a beautiful intensity before stripping right back down again. And so it goes back and forth, undulating between rapture and darkly-tinged introspection.

Previously enlisting the likes of Adamski, Dave Clarke, Paris The Black Fu, The Advent and Keith Tucker to provide vocals on his tracks, Captain Mustache finds perfect company in New York’s Ulysses. Part of Neurotic Drum Band with John Selway, he has previously released acclaimed output on Prins Thomas’ label Internasjonal. Bearfunk, Lasergun, Guidance Recordings and Throne Of Blood.

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