::Budakid – The End::

Artist: Budakid
Title: The End
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 11.10.2019

Dutch prodigy Budakid returns to Exploited for his third mesmerising EP on the label, with two fresh new opuses for your delectation.

The End is one of his typically cinematic tracks, reminiscent of 90s melodic breakbeat types Hybrid. Hovering, Reese-toned bass looms subtly over intricate, light broken beats and gently enveloping string progressions. Crisp and spacious, the arrangement is honed to perfection. Muted, gated stabs echo the ghost of 90s trance in the breakdown, fusing beautifully with the breaks when the beat drops back in. Soft cymbal rides splash across the surface as the elements fuse back together for a restrained crescendo. Perfect for the afterhours or a spot of deep meditation.

Linguistic sees Budakid in more of a deep house / melodic techno mood. Subtle synth licks waft across the stereo field as live percussion forms a groove and wildlife sounds create a heady atmosphere deep in the distance. A plodding groovy bassline drives its way into the foreground, while minimialist layers of electronics build the mood. The brain-twisting breakdown makes more great use of noise gating as a dizzying lead soars and pulses. Its a great piece of work that centres more on mood and texture than melody, and in doing so recalls classic progressive house sounds.