::Buba – Back To Life::

Artist: BUBA
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP132
Release date: 25.08.2023

Two very classy tracks here from Montenegro’s Buba, fusing all manner of pretty and potent sounds into a heady mix.

‘Back To Life’ is a light-on-its-feet blend of Italo and melodic techno, where peppy percussion bounces alongside a rubbery bassline and ethereal, muted chords which slowly build a melancholic vibe. A fizzy square wave pulse hammers out a gently uplifting melody over the top, pushing towards the blissful breakdown where each element soars skywards. A gorgeous track to build the mood early in the night.

‘Arza’ could be categorised as Italo trance, with super tight beats and a sensual bass arpeggio fluttering away gently as sustained, filtered pads swell from the depths. The percussion builds, and a gorgeous chime melody softens into focus, also filtered in a dreamy, hazy, lo-fi manner. Big tom fills announce the arrangement switches, and gently phasing detuned chords provide the icing on the cake for this spine-tingling track. Subtle yet deeply emotional, these two gems suggest that Buba has a very bright future ahead

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