::Aiwaska – Medicine::

Artist: Aiwaska
Title: Medicine
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP74
Release date: 17.04.2020

AIWASKA is the secretive alter ego of a well-known, festival-familiar, Russian producer. Located in Los Angeles, his project has received support from the Burning Man community and Damian Lazarus — who has released some of his music via Crosstown Rebels. Performing his live + guitar and DJ sets (and videos) in a feathered black outfit, Stetson-style hat and slightly scary mask, he shrouds his identity in a fitting level of mystique to match his enigmatic, brooding sounds.

‘Medicine’ is another beautiful track to emerge from this new project, finding its home on Exploited Ghetto. A nagging synth arpeggio rising from depths of chunky-yet-spacious, chugging beat. Hovering bass tones soon arrive to bolster this dark melody, teeing up the gentle, yearning male vocal that forms the core of the track.

Somewhere a spinning coin creates a resonant metallic buzz. A sword is drawn in the distance, drenched in reverb. Shimmering splashes of wet synth and slow-rising pulses of pads, forming a loose musical conversation between four disparate parts.. Less is more when it comes to this hypnotic arrangement. The breakdown takes things down to a near-ambient level of unhurriedness, creating the requisite tension and release for the drop.

The video for ‘Medicine’ features Russian Model Alesya Kafelnikova — the daughter of former world number 1 Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikova. It’s just another bizarre twist in the wonderful world of AIWASKA, where not all is as it seems…