::Aiwaska, Idd Aziz – At Night::

Artist: Aiwaska, Idd Aziz
Title: At Night
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP95
Release date: 07.05.2021

The man behind the mask Aiwaska is back with possibly his hottest release for Exploited so far. Following in the footsteps of massive releases like ‘Medicine’ and ‘Darkness’, ‘At Night’ had its work cut out but has delivered in some style.
Taking a little flavour from the world of afro house but infusing it with more of a rolling groove than a tribal, drum-focused rhythm, it’s a track that’s dying to be heard at festivals and open-air dancefloors. Centred around a hypnotic African vocal refrain by Idd Aziz, the track builds in beautifully gradual fashion, with nods to early ‘90s ambient house in its atmospheric collage of sounds.
A stuttering synth rhythm sets the tone over a chunky beat as the track begins, with the vocal soon teased in looping fashion and adding a heady feel. The infectiously rolling bassline groove soon gets down to business. Subtle percussive additions build the groove, as do shimmering, morphing electronic motifs that weave in and out of the track. The vocal begins to reveal more of itself, and the arrangement strips back down to just kick, bass, vocals and synth with a real intensity. The vocals become more incessant and insistent as the track begins to slowly build again until we’re at a dizzying fever pitch.
No big hooks; no overblown theatrics; just a very well-crafted, slow-burning journey of a track. Aiwaska, we salute you!

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