::Aiwaska – Darkness::

Artist: Aiwaska
Title: Darkness
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP87
Release date: 02.10.2020

The mysterious Aiwaska is back with another masterclass in introspective electronica. Following on from previous Exploited Ghetto outing ‘Medicine’, he treads a similar path of hypnotic sensuality. A pulsating synth arpeggio propels the track from the first instant, building a hazy chug with its slow-tempo and spacious, subtle percussion accompaniment. Hollow bass tones punctuate as the kicks punch through pristinely. A tortured male vocal that takes its cues from the alt-rock world arrives to bring a dramatic twist, with soft harmonies increasing the haunting feel. Gentle snare patterns add a little more urgency, and a twinkling synth line morphs and undulates around it beautifully. A spine-tingling breakdown forces the eyes to wobble and the jaw to gently rotate, before open hi-hats drop in to propel the track forwards. Vocal snippets move through trippy delays as more subtle synth magic weaves in around beautiful chime chords. Wherever you listen to this gem of a track, you’ll find yourself transported to a slightly altered plane, and you’ll feel all the better for it. That’s the Aiwaska way…

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