::AIKON – Flashes::

Artist: AIKON
Title: Flashes
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP104
Release date: 01.10.2021

AIKON returns to Exploited Ghetto with an EP of dark moods and sensual melody.

The title track is a dark slice of Italo disco / electro, with taut snares cutting through the droning bass and hypnotic synth arpeggiation. Building imperceptibly through subtle atmospheric touches, the track reaches a spine-tingling peak in the spacious breakdown, where synths soar and the acidic bass gets a moment in the spotlight. A voice breathes the word acid as the beat kicks back into life, completing the tripped out feel of this moody chugger.

Galaxy is driven along by a hefty bassline throb, soon bolstered by monotone acid tones and infectious cowbell rhythm. Blasts of synths tease as we head towards the heavenly breakdown, where beautiful sampled guitar melody rubs up against floaty, ambient pad sounds. The contrast between the guitar and the moody bass sounds when the beat drops back in is magical, channeling some of that 90s dreamhouse energy as gated, shimmering chords add another sumptuous motif.

Heroes is a little more on the melodic techno tip but keeps the textures and themes of the EP running through it. Moving at a languid tempo, the track focuses around a simple, blissed-out, ecstasy-imbued hook and a chugging bass rhythm. The switch from a 4/4 thump to a breakbeat rhythm halfway through shifts the mood brilliantly, and throughout subtle changes eke out more beauty from this heads-down affair.

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