::Adana Twins & Human Life – Perspective::

Artist: Adana Twins & Human Life
Title: Perspective
Format: Digital
LC: 15799

World Premiered by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1.

Props from various DJs such as Stephan Bodzin, Dusky, Huxley, Chaim, Sasha, Tensnake, Maxxi Soundsystem, Gardens Of God, Bostro Pesopeo…

With an undisputed repertoire of productions of the highest caliber, German duo Adana Twins have rightfully excelled on the international underground music circuit establishing themselves as one of the most prolific acts in house and techno. Whether it be performing at the worlds most iconic festivals or playing one of their incredible marathon DJ sets, Adana Twins have enchanted the hearts and minds of clubbers far and wide.
Proudly announcing the next installment in Adana Twins illustrious catalogue of tracks, the duos latest EP titled ‘Perspective’ sees them form a formidable partnership with Matthew Wasley better known as Human Life.
The opening track is the perfect culmination of Adana Twins eclectic production style, featuring an intricately constructed percussion arrangement highlighted by a thunderous kick drum fit for dance floors across the globe. Driving the listener through this remarkable production, a chilling vocal melody perfectly compliments an almost piercing synth composition making this yet another profound release from Adana Twins.
Whilst ‘Perspective’ stands magnificently as a solo production, Adana Twins and Human Life have invited producers goldFFinch and Fort Romeau to remix and to add their own touches and influences.
goldFFinch’s remix warps the track into a dark mind-bending yet minimal infused creation, yet still staying true to the originals resounding trademark sound. Fort Romeau’s own take sees him transform the production into an ambient and euphoric remix wonderfully captured by a high rising melodic synth melody.