::Adana Twins – Everyday Remix EP::

Artist: Adana Twins
Title: Everyday Remix EP
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 22.10.2012

Adana Twins
Everyday Remix EP

Hamburg duo The Adana Twins have been in the limelight of every chart over the past year, topping the poles of Beatport and Resident Advisor respectfully. Their ‘Juicy Fruit’ hit last year took the deep house faithfull by storm picking up huge support across the board from DJs of all genres.

The unexpected success of their ‘Everday EP’ in February 2012 resulted in a huge tour schedule, a bunch of new remixes and masses of press attention for The Adana Twins. Aside from their hectic worldwide touring schedule, the guys were recently being hosted on Pete Tong’s Radio One and have just remixed tracks for Tiger Stripes, Ilves & Migiva, Viadrina and Kasper Bjoerke.

Adana Twins are playing in sold-out venues now and are causing sit downs during their sets when they pull out their anthems ‘Everyday’ and ‘Strange’.

Amine Edge & DANCE, NTFO, La Fleur and Andre Crom&Martin Dawson delivered new mixes for them.

Early likes by A-Trak, Riva Starr, DJ Hell, M.A.N.D.Y., Claude Von Stroke, Noir, Chopstick & Johnjon, Shinedoe, Mosca, Adriatique, Ewan Pearson, Tom Trago, Riton, Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs…

Label: Exploited
LC: 15799
Artist: Adana Twins
Release: Everyday Remix EP

First feedback:

A-Trak: Groovy.

DJ Hell: Amine Mix is killer !

Riva Starr: Nice Vibes all over this.

Chopstick&Johnjon: NTFO is the one here !

Noir: Amine Edge & La Fleur mixes are cool here.

Shinedoe: Nice package. Will play out NTFO, Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix.

Riton: Amine Mix for me.

Adriatique: La Fleur Remix is our Fav.

Kiki: Diggin La Fleur’s Remix here.

Round Table Knights: Amine Edge & DANCE Remix for us !

Ewan Pearson: Sanna’s mix of Strange is the stand-out for me but Amine edge mix of Everyday is great too.

Dyed Soundorom: Le Fleur Remix is the proper one for me !

Kasper Bjperke: Originals were so epic to me but these remixes are damn sweet too! Adana FTW !

Mosca: Might get round to an edit of the AC&MD remix, thanks

Tomas Barfod: Amine Remix is so good.

DJ Le Roi: La Fleur Mix for me ! Will play it !

Lee Jones: Andre Crom & Martin Dawson mix is tasty.

Homework: Very nice remixes by AC&MD and La Fleur.

Urulu: Woah! This La Fleur Remix is haunting! Really digging this one.

Joyce Muniz: Great Stuf! Goes straight to my bag.

Greymatter: Solid !

Tim Paris: Sounds cool.

Wild Kats: Amine Edge Remix is tight as fuck !

Ruede Hagelstein: Good package. Will make use of it for sure.

Re.You: Andre Crom & Martin Dawson for me. NTFO Remix is also strong.

Dirty Doering: La Fleur Remix is the best !!!

Thyladomid: Excellent Remixpack ! Thx.

Bag Raiders: Great package as usual !!!

Justin Miller: Everyday Crom & Dawson doing it !

Hannah Holland: Love the Andre Crom & Martin Dawson mix ..killer bouncy groove.

Viadrina: Wooow, great remixes! Can’t decide on the fav one. However maybe the NTFO and Andre’s and Martin’s. Thanks for this great music !