::Paul Rudder::


It’s not often you find high-quality house music emerging Asturias in the North-West of Spain. This picturesque, rugged region seems like it provide some contemplative inspiration for Paul Rudder, label boss of Poetry In Motion, who excels in making chunky house music with dreamy motifs, samples and textures. On this new release for Exploited, he has come up trumps with a massive feel-good anthem on a 90s house tip that indulges his occasionally more intense side. Pummelling kicks and skippy hi-hats are the engine of the track, while the main star is a huge piano chord motif with a spring in its step. Filtering up in tandem with a parallel bassline and diva vocal cuts, these glorious keys drive the forward in perpetual motion. Graceful pad swirls drift in and out to add to the heavenly reverb on the pianos. A huge, pitch-shifting snare-roll and reverb drenched build provide the theatrical fireworks that elevate the track into another gear, and more deliciously spine-tingling pad layers heighten the lush feel further. Cymbal crashes and vocal stabs add more drama, and a genuine fist-pumper is the outcome. Paul Rudder was responsible for the recent sublime Black Jukebox #27 EP, as well as other releases on Shall Not Fade, Tilly Jam, Lazy Days and his own label Poetry In Motion.