::Måns Glaeser::

Måns Glaeser

Sweden on the strength! Studio Barnhus affiliates Måns Glaeser (from swedish techno boyband Off The Meds) and Basement Space team up for a very tasty EP here, showing Stockholm’s nothing to be messed with.

‘Hollywood Cole’ is a cute breakbeat track peppered with old skool rap & diva vocals, shimmering electric piano chords and a thick, undulating bassline. Refreshingly different in its approach and conjuring up a wistful mood with its soulful inflections and subtle strings.

‘Ultra Mario’ is a deep, propulsive cut where dreamy snatches of pad strings swoop and swoon in melancholic fashion over a funky 8-bit bass hook and fast-paced house rhythms. Gorgeous, atmospheric and charismatic, it’s a beautiful combination of sounds.