Cocolores is the german Producer and DJ duo consisting of Jason Heath and Manuel Garay. Friends since very young age, they started producing and dj-ing all around their hometown Munich.
When the swiss act „Mercury“ dropped one of Cocolores’ unreleased 90s house productions at Berlins Fritz Radioshow hosted by Exploited Records‘ Label Boss, DJ Shir Khan quickly got aware of the boys, and signed their first EPs. With the growing success of Exploited Records, Cocolores slowly but surely made a name for themselves.
Growing into their 20s, touring all over Europe, playing in various different spots in Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Romania, Tunisia and so on, the duo keep fascinating crowds all over with their very own taste of sound.
After all these achievements on the surface of Deep House, the two youngsters have carefully but truly reconsidered their actual aims and goals as Artists in this whole business. Being on the relentless quest of adding value to this good thing, they have decided to differ from their outcome. They also released records on Dirt Crew, Compost and their own label Alden.
Maintaining a Residency at beloved Bob Beaman Munich, they are currently living between London and Berlin, in search of a deeper and greater pathway, with darker and more stable productions as well as DJ sets, clearly aiming not only to get audiences to dance but into their state of mind.