Previously of other well-respected labels like Disco Halal and Sol Selectas, AIKON is a very promising new talent who now lands on Exploited Ghetto.
The sprightly plucked synth arpeggios of ‘Saturn’ sound as if he is imitating a middle Eastern string instrument, and the inclusion of sitar solo shimmering under the electronic elements works in perfect harmony. The rolling bassline interplays perfectly with the chunky kicks, and the combination of the elements generates a wonderful kind of dancefloor hypnosis. Meditative, magical music.
The talented Sandhog brings his atmospheric signature sound to a remix of ‘Saturn’. He feeds the sitar through a bitcrusher to great, hazy effect, contrasting with the crisp, clean sound of the plucked lead. Acidic gurgles hover subtly beneath, while various percussive hits help add accent to the groove.
‘Dishes’ walks a similarly moody and potent path. Moroder-esque stuttered bass walks its way through the pitter-patter of hi-hats, live snares and cowbells. More plucked string motifs create a dramatic tension, and the whole the drives along with a serious head of steam and an introspective feel.