Playmode – Remember When

Artist: Playmode
Title: Remember When
Format: Digital Only
LC: 15799
Released: 10.12.2010

Playmode’s tracks “Remember When” and “Is this Enough?” were quickly signed to Exploited. “Dope stuff!” A massive clubtool for sweaty winterjams. 
Playmode – whose real producer identity remains secret – has already attracted early DJ-Feedback from the ones of DJ Sneak, Claude von Stroke, Azari&III, Aeroplane, Andre Crom&Martin Dawson, Pezzner, Seiji, Jaymo, Round Table Knights, Zombie Disco Squad, Crookers, Riton, Sinden, Jaymo, Oliver$, Bobmo, Rub-N-Tug, Drums of Death, Bok Bok, Mosca, Solo, Sound Pellegrino DJ-Team, Tom Flynn, Ruede Hagelstein, Kasper Bjoerke, Homework, Shir Khan, DJ Karotte, Bag Raiders, Beni and many more.


DJ Sneak (Magnetic/Oomph Recordings): “Is this Enough is pretty cool.”

Azari&III (Turbo/Permanent Vacation): “21st Century Deep House with just the right amount of Jack.”

Aeroplane (Wall of Sound/Eskimo): “Decent House. Nothing less. Nothing more.”

Pezzner (Freerange/Om): “Very classy. Full support.”

XLR8R: “The track features classic piano stabs, soulful filtered female vocals, tuned toms, and plenty of bounce. In fact, it’s just right.”

Martin Dawson (Off/King Roc): “Remember When is nice. :)”

Homework (Exploited/Made to Play): “We really can’t get enough of Is this Enough. Piano stabs, bassy tom drums and infectuous female vocals demand an eyes closed-hands in the air club experience. Full support!”

Solo (Deadfish): “solid SOLID ep!!! I really like it!

Kasper Bjoerke (Mirau): “Lovin the piano and vocals of is this enough!”

Bok Bok (Nightslugs): “I do like Is this Enough. Will play.”

Bobmo (Institubes): “I Love Is this Enough.”

Drums of Death (Grecoroman): “Head noddin house. Cool.”

Seiji (Bugz in the Attic): “Sexytime.” 
Jet Project (Get Physical): “Chunky house bombs.”

J.Phlip (Dirty Bird): “So prettyyyyyy.”

Beni (Kitsune): “This is dope. Right up my alley.”

Bag Raiders (Fools Gold): “Good Shit.”

Oliver$ (Made to Play): “Nice release will check it on the floor!”

Ruede Hagelstein (Souvenir): “Funny goood. Support!”