::Darragh Casey – Lost Paradise::

Artist: Darragh Casey
Title: Lost Paradise
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP76
Release date: 01.05.2020

Born in Ireland but based on the paradise island of Koh Phangan in Thailand for many years now, Darragh Casey is a major force on the Asian DJ circuit and an increasingly prolific producer, and has held down his legendary Sunday night residency at Loi Lay on the island for 10 years now. His latest offering for Exploited Ghetto takes its name and inspiration from the beautiful island Koh Phangan. A nagging throb of a bassline melody descends ominously from the first beat, providing a solid backbone for this hypnotic track to build upon. Gently wobbling, trance-tinged melodics provide a counterpoint as the light percussive rhythms urge the track forward. Sustained, woozy chords vibrate and swirl as vocal snippets create a trippy embellishment. A snare-roll filled breakdown is laced with a bleepy electro arpeggio before dropping out as the kicks thud back in and tumbling bongos add to the mystical, tropical feel. Reflecting his years spent embedded in the culture and life of this special island, ‘Lost Paradise’ is a testament to his life there and his journey away from his roots. It’s a world away from the quiet Irish countryside and the happy hardcore he grew up listening to, and forms another exciting moment in his ever-evolving musical journey.