Preview: New Homework & Joyce Muniz Remixes

December 15, 2011 / Posted by Exploited (86)

Joyce Muniz just remixed Stereo MC’s track “Sunny Day” to be released on K7! Records in January 2012. Homework’s killermix for Jet Project has just been released on Snatch!
Furthermore, expect guestreleases from Joyce & Homework on 2020 Visions next year.
Jet Project feat. Electric J – Alright (Homework Remix) by Homework
Stereo Mc´s – Sunny Day (Joyce Muniz Remix) K7 Records by Joyce Muniz

Shir Khan’s “Tune of the Week”: Homework – Idlewild

October 6, 2011 / Posted by Shir Khan (20)

What shall I say? The next Homework-single entitled ‘Idlewild’ is a real disco house bomb and by saying this I am revealing you one of my secret dancefloor weapons. This track comes for fans of all kinds of grooves but especially for those that might like a little bit of french filter house music. As you can hear – Homework are there to excite and confuse you at the same time. They don’t stick to one style too long. This track was already featured on Riva Starr’s Mixmag-CD and to me it’s not only tune of the week – I would say it’s my favourite track since the last 3 months. I have been playing it in every set of mine and I can say – without a doubt – that this track has always been a highlight in my sets. Nevertheless, you still have to wait until the beast is going to be released. We just licensed the track to Snatch! and you will see this track popping up on Snatch! probably in december. Word!

Idlewild [Preview] by Homework

You can also listen to an excerpt of a livemix I did 3 months ago for Spanish National Radio 3 which features – guess what – ‘Idlewild’ by Homework. Skip to 17.40 and you know the deal…CLICK HERE.