Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 04

Artist: Various
Title: Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 04
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Released: 07.10.13

Early support by CatznDogs, Ben Westbeech/Breach, Tiga, Optimo, Huxley, Maxxi Soundsystem, Noir, Karotte, Tensnake, Martin Landsky, Pete Herbert, Waifs & Strays, Till Von Sein, Rhadow, Wildkats, Animal Trainer, Pezzner, Ruede Hagelstein, Kyodai, Round Table Knights, Downtown Party Network.

Exploited’s semi-regular “mini compilation” series continues, with Shir Khan collecting together a quintet of new cuts from the label’s extended roster featuring Martin Ikin, Dubble D aka Moodymanc, Pavel Petrov & Marten & Sishi Rosch.

First Feedback:

CatznDogs: Dubble D is going to be edited. The groove is amazing.
Ben Westbeech/Breach: Classic sample…well done. Will be supporting Nothing To Fear.
Optimo: Get On Up!
Noir: Excellent stuff inbetween. Hard to pick a fave on 1st listen.
Huxley: Feeling Get On Up. Nice!
Maxxi Soundsystem: Nothing To Fear is cool and dig the fun in Warm Up too.
Tiga: Will try.
Karotte: Nothing to Fear and Warm Up are my favs.
Tensnake: Get On up and Warm Up are the winners.
Martin Landsky: Nothing To Fear is great. Classic Vocals hits big time.
Ruede Hagelstein: The Sin..warm up for me. Bombs!
Coju: Sishi Rosh sounds fun and interesting. Old School House Beats.
Kasper Bjoerke: Great! Sishi Rosh and Pavel Petrov for me!
Till Von Sein: Cool Stuff. Dubble D does it for me and that Body Movin joint.
Larse: Nice.
Florian Kruse: Good one.
Tom Budden: Really like Martin’s track here.
Pete Herbert: Great collection here!!! Get On Up and Warm Up on the funk machine tip. Loving…
Simon Garcia: Nothing To Fear and Body Movin for me here.
Downtown Party Network: Nice comp! Especially nice rework from Dubble D.
Kyodai: Nice!
The Mekanism: Nice EP.
Brett Johnson: Funky tracks on this one. Loving the disco vibes on Get On Up!!
Flashmob: Will try.
Joyce Muniz: Dope selection as usual.
Doctor Dru: Nice comp again, Shörk. Nothing to Fear is my fav so far. Like the Funk classic Get On Up, too. Cheers, Dru.
Stee Downes: Love em all. Big fan of Shir Khan.
Round Table Knights: I love them all!
DJ Le Roi: Body mooooovin for me! Thx
Wildkats: Sishi’s Body Movin my pick here :)
Animal Trainer: Can’t get enough of this track…spreads massive energy!
Matthias Schaffhäuser – really like NOTHING TO FEAR, nice remake of the classic. will play. thanks!!!!! Warm Up is cool! Also Nothing To Fear.
Pezzner: Yes! Good job!
Jay West : Moodymanc is the jam here.
Rhadow: Great compilation. Body Movin is my pick.
Copy Paste Soul: Nothing To Fear for me on this one mate.
Waifs & Strays: Cool package.
Jaques Renault: Warm Up for me.
DMC UK Update: Haunting and raises the temp.
Jake The Rapper: Warm up: I am definitely going to play the shit out of this. Niiice.
Body movin: Good old school shit! This should be fun to play.