Kyodai – Music Rises Up Remixes

Artist: Kyodai
Title: Music Rises Up Remixes
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Released: 23.09.13

Early Support by Solomun, Tensnake, Maxxi Soundsystem, Agoria, Tube & Berger, Peter Kruder, Rainer Trüby, Animal Trainer, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Betoko, Justin Jay, Villanova, Betoko,, Monte, Daniel Solar, Michael Reinboth.

Check those brand new mixes by Claptone & Simon Garcia for Kyodai’s summer track ‘Music Rises Up feat. Stee Downes’. ‘Continuing the year with a stream of fine releases Exploited deliver their next masterpiece. Kyodai are a Spanish duo currently residing in Berlin and with the help of one of our favourite vocalists Stee Downes theyve produced a track that has summer dance floor filler written all over.

Theres a sense of emotion running throughout Music Rises Up with its deep piano chords instantly pulling on the heart strings, rhythmically rolling snares and a punchy kick combine perfectly with glistening pads to add to a wholly magical feel to this vibe. We obviously cant forget Stee Downes vocals which have transformed so many huge tracks over the past few years, Lovebirds Want You In My Soul and Audiojacks Tunnel Vision to name but a few. Stees voice suits the track down to a tee with his softly delivered soulful range and eloquent song writing abilities.’ (Words by XYST)

‘Music Rises Up’ is available in 2 different club versions by Claptone & Simon Garcia now. While Simon Garcia is going all deep, Claptone keeps the vibe of the original mixing it up with those typical Claptone elements.

Early Feedback:

Tensnake: Nice deep and bass-influenced Simon Garcia Remix.
Maxxi Soundsystem: Into the Claptone mix. Exploited always makes me smile.
Justin Jay: Claptone remix is grooovy. Claptone = Music = Love
Betoko: Big up!!!
Monte: Claptone remix is tha BOMB ! Thx
Daniel Solar: Claptone Remix for me!
Peter Kruder: Cool mixes. Will play them both.
Mathias Schaffhäuser: The Claptone Remix is pretty cool. Will play.
Animal Trainer: Claptone remix is DOPE!
Rainre Trüby: Feeling the depth of the Simon Garcia mix…nice beats too!
Villanova: Proper remix from “hero” Claptone
Pete Herbert: Lush stuff!
Tube & Berger: yessss! have been waiting for this! :)
Tom Budden: I like the Simon Garcia Remix here!!
Michel Reinboth: Nice, luke wam and worth a play here and there.
Forrest: Solid Pack.