Joyce Muniz – Wake Beside You

Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Wake Beside You
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Released: 27.03.2017

‘Wake Beside You’ is the final single of Joyce Muniz’s debut album, a collection of remixes from Christian Nielsen, Bas Roos and Martin Waslewski which close the curtain on the ‘Made In Vienna’ chapter. Includes bonus track ‘Hold On To Me’ feat. Shaun J. Wright.

Christian Nielsen Remix premiered via Insomniac.
“A versatile producer representative of the wide spectrum of house music showcased on the label, Muniz pushed things a step further with the release of her debut LP, Made in Vienna, last year. The album saw Muniz fusing her club-oriented grooves with a stronger focus on songwriting and working with vocalists. “Wake Beside You” is one such example of the album’s accomplished crossover efforts, featuring the sultry vocals of Christa Vi, and it’s also the final single to be lifted from Made in Vienna. It’s due for release toward the end of this month, and Muniz has recruited Christian Nielsen to rework its soulful grooves into a more driving club record.”

Early Feedback:
Chloe/Kill The DJ: Go girl:)
Ralph Lawson/2020 Vision: Cool groove.
Ralf Kollmann/Mobilee: Joyce is my favourite Exploited artist! Nice remixes.
Danny Howard/BBC Radio1: Great package!
Karotte/Cocoon: Top remix from Christian. And the bonus track is also great.
Jey Kurmis/Hot Creations: Nielson Remix is great.