Homework – Hudson Square Remix EP

Artist: Homework

Title: Hudson Square Remix EP (+ Remixes from Andre Crom&Martin Dawson, Phil Weeks, Darabi, Superlover, Michael Gracioppo, Homework)
Format: Digital Only
LC: 15799
Cat: GH-20
Released: 11.07.2011

Early support by Steve Bug, Tensnake, Wolf&Lamb, Azari&III, Luciano, Magda, Ewan Pearson, DJ Sneak, Riva Starr, DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, Laurent Garnier, KiNK, Round Table Knights, Hot Chip, DJ T, Paul Woolford, Ben Westbeech, Anja Schneider, Julio Bashmore, Mosca, Bok Bok, Brodinski, Feadz, Jaymo, Agoria, AFFKT, Funk D’Void, CatznDogs, Ralph Lawson, Trickski, Fritz Zander, Ryan Crosson, Okain, Nico Purman, Lovebirds, Cosmo Vitelli, Reboot, Kabale&Liebe, Ray Okpara, Robert Dietz, Friendly Fires…

Homework’s Hudson Square EP, released in February, found its way into the CD wallets of a wide range of DJs thanks to a breezy mix of deep house and nu-disco flavours. For this remix release, three tracks from the original EP get a good going over from a variety of deep house heads. While not as immediately engaging as the EP itself, there’s still plenty to get excited about. Darabi’s version of “Whipped Cream” – a snappy fusion of bubbling disco and deep house melodies – stands out, while Homework’s own rework of the Kenny Dixon Jnr-sampling “I’m Into This” is a soft-focus, soul-flecked delight.

The ‘Hudson Square Remix EP’ includes mixes by Andre Crom (Off) & Martin Dawson (Crosstown Rebels), Phil Weeks (Robsoul), Superlover (Autist/Kassette), Darabi (Get the Curse), Canadian newcomer Michael Gracioppo and Homework (Exploited) themselves.

Some collected feedback:

Hot Chip (DFA): Nice tracks. Loved the Fissa Tune release and this is a great follow up. Look forward to playing it out.
Azari&III (Permanent Vacation): Gonna rock these in Ibiza tonight.
Wolf&Lamb (Wolf&Lamb): I’d tap that mpc (Zev).
Tensnake (Mirau): Like the Darabi Remix.
Steve Bug (Pokerflat): The Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix is doing it for me here. Will play.
DJ Hell (Gigolo): Hot stuff from Andre Crom&Martin Dawson. Support!
KinK (Rush Hour, Boe, Ovum, Liebe*Detail): Hold me Tight (Phil Weeks Remix) and I’m into this (Homework All Night Stripdown / Michael Gracioppo Versions) are wicked!
DJ Sneak (Magnetic Recordings): Phil Weeks is my fav.
Brodinski (Turbo): This is sick. Summer is coming surely. Love!
Ewan Pearson (Kompakt): Darabi’s low-slinging is the one for me…
Laurent Garnier (F-Com): Pure class. Stunning tracks. Full support.
Riva Starr (Made to Play): LOVIN’ the Crom & Dawson mix!! Big plays from me.
Ryan Crosson (Visonquest): Cool package here. Solid all around.
Paul Woolford (Planet E/Phonica): Michael Gracioppo’s remix has the club-weight here for sure.
Ben Westbeech (Strictly Rhythm): OOOF YAHYAHYAH….. My kind of house music.. The grooove on Andre Crom & Martin Dawson mix is NAAAUUUGGHHHTYYYY. I’m Into This is amazing!!
Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision): Really nice Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix. I’ll be playing it!
Anja Schneider (Moobilee/Radio Fritz): Wow really nice package. Will play Andre Crom & Martin Dawson mix in my sets!
Round Table Knights (Made to Play): Super Remix EP.
Julio Bashmore (Futureboogie): N1ce stuff!
Bok Bok (Nightslugs): Michael Gracioppo Remix.
Mosca (Nightslugs): I hear this Moodyman sample everywhere but the Michael Gracioppo version is nice.
Jaymo (Moda/BBC Radio1): The Darabi Remix is sexual. Really deep and doped-up but in a a good way. Got an Art Department feel. Really nice. Definetly the best mix.
Feadz (Ed Banger): Been playing the original so much, let me check those remixes.
Friendly Fires (XL): Superlover is the one.
Huxley (Hypercolour): Wicked release! Love Homework, AC&MD and Phil Weeks mixes. All will be getting support from me.
David Keno (Kindisch): Great Remixes! Support
Dubfire (Desolat/Minus): Bomb from Andre Crom&Martin. Huge track.
Silicone Soul (Soma): That’s a damn cool selection – love the spirit of these tracks and there’s some real players like the Superlover, Darabi remixes esp… mo powwa!!!
Funk D’Void (Soma): Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix…big big BIG!!!
Richard Ahmed (Crosstown Rebels/Hot Nature): Andre Crom&Martin Dawson Remix is wicked!!
Okain (Tsuba): Great package!! Love the bass line on Andre Crom and Martin remix also Phil weeks remix will be supported!
Thomas Schumacher (Get Physical): Whipped Cream (Superlover Remix) floats my boat… lovely!
Nico Purman (Vakant): I’ll be playing Im Into This (Crom&Dawson rmx) for sure. Great mix!
Brothers’ Vibe (Freak N Chic): Good mixes throughout on this Ep. Weeks’ groove works well, as always!
Kabale&Liebe (100% Pure): Crom and Dawson bring the groove to next level, love it!!
Reboot (Cadenza): Crom & Dawson Remix is the tasty one for me! Will try it.
Ray Okpara (Cecille): Nice rmxes… Andre & Martin and Phil’s remixes are getting my support.
Boris Werner (Remote Area): Really cool remix by Mr Gracioppo, will play that!
Fritz Zander (Suol): I’m really diggin the Phil Weeks remix from this package. Support!!
Trickski (Suol): Top notch release! Totally digging ALL tracks! Spécial dédicace à darabi from my 2nd hometown Rennes. Their remix is my absolute fave.
Till Von Sein (Suol): Those guys suck….gnomejerks… hmmm, no..wait.. but i dont wanna hear remixes from them..i wanna hear their shit…like Eddie Murpy said in raw: those kids got TAAAAALENT! and sorry for not being part of the pack here, had to take care of some Jordan’s in NYC in the time u asked me….. Stripdown is the jam btw ….doooope!
Adam Port (Keinemusik): Nice pack! Phil Weeks is the fav for me here. Will be playing it.
And.Id (Mobilee/2020 Vision): A good collection of mixes.
Karotte (Cocoon): Crom & Dawson and Phil Weeks remixes are nice oldschool like. Like it!”
Agoria (Infine): Will defo play Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix at Sonar by day Friday.
Lovebirds (Freerange): Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix is really nice but none of the remixes come close to the incredible originals that I’ve been playin ALL the time!”
Cosmo Vitelli (I’m a cliche): I’m Into This is timeless house music. Superlover and Darabi Remixes are cool too. Nice release.
Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap/FM4): Great package. Nice remixes! Goes straight into my set!
Robert Dietz (Cecille): Nice EP. Whipped Cream (Superlover) for me.
Lee Jones (Watergate): Groovy.
Moonbootica (Moonbootique): Superlover Remix is cool.
Makossa (Gigolo): Good stuff. Will play.
Affkt (Barraca Music): Wow! love it.
Pol_On (Pets): Andre Crom and Martins version!! Darabi Remix is nice:)
J-Phlip (Dirty Bird): Mmmmmm. Phil Weeks remix is really nice!!!
Hector Moralez (Minority Music): Phil’s Remix is the one for me. Straight deep heat.
Telonius (Gomma): Crom&Dawson Remix is working for me. The others are nice too.
Matt Walsh (Turbo): Darabi are my favorite producers right now. Everything is spot on!
Tommie Sunshine (Brooklyn Fire): This is such next level music I don’t think I understand it. 10 out of 10.
Steve Aoki (Dim Mak): Fun and cool tracks.
Acid Pauli (Console/The Notwist): If you don’t hold me tight, I’ll fall into this Whipped Cream!
Khan (I’m Single): Superlover Remix is Super(lover).
Beni (Modular): Again! Good work!
Jet Project (Snatch!): Amazing package! SOlid, can’t pick a fav but will be def be playing a few of these batboys!
Joyce Muniz (Exploited): Great Remix EP. Love it a lot.
Solo (Deadfish): Crom and Dawson bring the groove to next level, love it!!”
Camel (Deadfish): Andre Crom&Martin Dawson Remix is ace! Excellent job.
Luca Lozano (Klasse): Like the Superlover Remix.
Mr. Ho (Klasse): Good release! Michael Gracioppo Remix for me!
Nils Ohrmann (Arms&Legs): Nice! Thx a lot.
Skulljuice (Atsronomer/The Draughtsman): All about the Darabi Remix! Really good.
Isa GT (Man Recordings): Diggin’ the Phil Weeks and Superlover Remixes!! The original EP is one of my favourite releases this year!