Shir Khan’s “Tune of the Week”: Magician feat. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What To Do (Original Mix)

September 28, 2011 / Posted by Shir Khan (20)

Haven’t been really following the latest output from Kitsune but this single by Magician aka Stephen (ex-member from Aeroplane) is simply pure magic. As a big fan of good pop music this here is my must-hear song for this week. Catchy hook and really sweet lyrics too – for all the broken hearted out there.

Also played the track in my radioshow yesterday. You can listen to the show every tuesday 20.00-22.00 at Radio Fritz. If you missed the show you can relisten here and check the playlist too.


September 28, 2011 / Posted by Shir Khan (20)

“We don’t make music for DJs.” This is what Cocolores said to me when I visited them last friday in Munich. If you haven’t checked their debut “Heart Quest” – all 3 songs on this EP are something like 3.30 minutes short. For most DJs unplayable? Well – I don’t think so. But a lot of DJs wrote me and said we released the wrong versions. Of course the versions released are the right versions. But if you feel like making an edit of it – do it. Let’s get creative on these tracks. Loop them, stretch them as you like. And while we talking music – a videoclip for “Heart Quest” is in the making and will be shot in Paris by Mehdi Aboualiten who also directed the last Tom Trago video. Watch out.

However – that night Coco played me 3 new tunes of theirs. I can already confirm that these 3 tracks are the bomb and will be released next year on Exploited.

Being a true Berliner I havent been introduced to the Octoberfest in Munich yet. Coco showed me around – though none of us could really get into the Octoberfest groove. I guess it’s just not our thang if you know what I mean. Then we met Manuel Kim from Gomma and had some nice chat. Later off to Kong – def Munich’s hot spot at the moment (alongside Bob Beaman) – where Coco hold a monthly residency. The party was a blast. We played cool uplifting house music and even some hip hop in the end. The next day we took a trip to austria and chilled in ötztal where we still had to fight with our hangover the day before. Good times. To be continued.

Get COCOLORES – HEART QUEST at Beatport, I-Tunes or Juno.

Manuel auf der Alm

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Cocolores – Heart Quest – Releaseparty

September 21, 2011 / Posted by Shir Khan (20)

Cocolores from Munich are bringing back the “feel good” oldschool vibes in house music. With their debut “Heart Quest” on Exploited they have gained very positive feedback from some major players in dancemusic. The guys have remixes coming up for Eli Escobar feat. Nomi Ruiz on Plant and Mercury on Gomma. Here is a video our friends from Haze shot in Berlin on September 3rd at our Exploited Labelnight. Don’t forget – the guys are teaming up another time with Shir Khan for the “Heart Quest”-Release-Tour in Munich at Kong this friday – right in time for Octoberfest. Holy shit:) Here is the Facebook-Event for the party on friday: CLICK

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Exploited Rec is finally online

September 20, 2011 / Posted by Shir Khan (20)

The homepage of Exploited Rec is finally online. Since 2007 we have been releasing music on Vinyl, CD and Digital. This is our very first blog. In the future we will be blogging about our current artists Homework, Cocolores, Shir Khan, Joyce Muniz, Adana Twins…You will be the first to find out about new releases, podcasts, exclusive tracks, videos, events, our tune of the week, charts, gossip and more. Furthermore, we are offering Exploited Labelnights and it’s possible to book most of our artists through this homepage.

Get ready to feel used to enjoy exploitation.

BTW – in these pictures you can see our classic Exploited Vinyl collection + Shir Khan’s “Exploited”-CD-Compilation (if you press READ MORE down below) – all of them designed by Marek Polewski from Floor 5.

Exploited Rec Crew.

Classic Exploited Vinyl Collection

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